Tamara Raymond

As a parent you always want the best for your children. In choosing to send our children to The Discovery Centre we know we made the correct decision.

This was so evident as our son assimilated into the mainstream schooling system with absolute ease and confidence. To date he continues to excel in his learning. We attribute a lot of this to the excellent foundation he received at the Discovery Centre. For our children the school is / was not only a place for learning, but also a place of fund and happiness!


The Discovery Centre Colombo is a unique mix of several important ingredients which make it for me the ideal school for little, open-minded people with an international or local background:

  1. Great care and attention of the teachers which comes straight from the HEART
  2. A highly principled and professional outlook on child education by THE PRINCIPAL, Ms Ramona
  3. A creatively charged, beautiful school environment which is conducive to LEARNING THROUGH PLAY
  4. All Discovery Centre children LOVE their school and visibly BLOSSOM INTO PERSONALITIES in their own right


My children have been at the school since 2007 and we are exceptionally happy with our choice. We are particularly pleased with the level of development, interaction and different experiences the school has provided for them. The school has a fantastic team of educators, who are highly motivated, extremely caring and always cheerful.

I am confident that the staff do genuinely care for each and every child here and they develop great relationships with them, which enables the child to settle in quickly and then enjoy going to school each day. The staff are a major asset to the school and I cannot praise them highly enough. Both my children and I will be very sorry to have to leave the school this summer when we move to another country.